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Why Choose YDP USA

We Help You Turn Your Dream Into A Reality

Going through the recruitment process alone can be quite a daunting process - especially if you have no experience of the US college system. With our knowledge, we will make the process a much smoother one - helping you with all aspects of the move.

Our staff have been there and done it and we want to pass our knowledge over to you so you that can have the best experience possible and be prepared for what's coming your way.


We pride ourselves in our service and treat each client individually to fit their specific needs. We will be there to support the athlete and their family throughout the whole recruitment process as well as throughout their four years of university.

Help & Support

We will be there at any time to support you with any issues you may have. We will also be on hand to advise you on which university will be the correct choice for you.

Knowledge Of The System

We aim to pass on our years of experience in the US collegiate system to our clients throughout the recruitment process.

US College Coaches Network

Through our years in the US, we have built up a list of college coaches who know and trust our judgement of ability.

Excellent Service

Our service - for the price we offer - cannot be beaten anywhere else in the market.

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Why Choose YDP USA: Services
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