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How Do Scholarships Work?

Scholarships are a certain percentage of university tuition fees covered for student-athletes who show exceptional talent in their specific sport and in the classroom.


Each coach receives an athletic scholarship budget at the beginning of every season - with this, the coaches must try to build the best team possible with the budget they have. Scholarships are awarded on a year-to-year basis, if an athlete has performed well on the field, the coach may choose to increase the athlete's scholarship for the following season. 

The US scholarship system offers a unique way to use your talent in sport to cover a certain amount of the expenses of university. 


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Why Choose To Study In America?

Find The Right Path For You

Choosing to leave home and move to the other side of the world can be a scary decision to make. Below we will list a few reasons why, from our experience, it will be a decision you will not look back on:

    America has some of the greatest cities on the planet and there are thousands of universities for you to choose from in any of these destinations.

    Most university teams play their games in stadiums on campus, these stadiums are filled with students from the university coming to support their college teams.

    As well as being able to compete in your sport at a high level - you will come out of the 4 years with a bachelors degree in a subject of your choice.

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How We Operate


Free Consultation

If an athlete applies online then one of our consultants will aim to contact them within 24 hours. We will request a phone call with the athlete and a parent to discuss whether America will be the right fit for them.


We will assess the athlete's ability by either; watching them play for their current team, watching them at one of our trial days or having the athlete send over video footage of them playing. We will also assess their academic ability by looking at their past and current grades.

Sign On To The YDP USA Network

Once we have established that the US is the right choice for the athlete, the athlete will sign on to the YDP USA network. This means that they will have full access to our scholarship service.

Contact With US College Coaches

The athlete will start to receive contact from coaches around 6-10 months prior to them starting university. The amount of scholarship offers will vary for each athlete depending on what the coaches are looking for.


We highly recommend completing either of these tests as soon as possible and we have revision guides that we advise that our athletes use. Once the athlete has passed either of these tests, they will not have to retake so passing it the first time will save the athlete a lot of time and stress.

Visa / Eligibility Forms

Once the athlete has committed to a university they will have to complete their eligibility to play in either the NCAA or NAIA divisions. They will also need to complete applications for an F-1 student visa. We will be on hand to assist throughout both of these processes.

Book Flights And Head On The Journey Of A Lifetime!

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