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Hockey Scholarships

Hockey scholarships are only available for female athletes, scholarships can be obtained in NCAA Division 1 and in NCAA Division 2. Hockey has risen in popularity in recent years in the US and this is backed up by the extra funding into coaching and facilities. This has also made the standard of play rise up - more international players are now looking to use their hockey skills as a way of earning a university degree and giving themselves the chance to play their sport abroad. We expect the college hockey system to continue to grow over the coming years which means more opportunities for international players.

Will I be accepted into a US university?

Before we look at your hockey skills, we have to look into your academic skills to see if you will be eligible to play. You can be the worlds greatest hockey player but if you do not have the grades, you university cannot admit you. You are looking to earn a degree after all so having good grades is important. You will also have to take the SAT/ACT test beforehand, each university will have a different score that is required to be admitted in.  Once we have looked at your grades we will then assess your playing ability either by watching you live or through video footage. We will then attentively look to place you into a university that is right for you.

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